Electrical Service and Repair

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Electrical Service and Repair New Orleans Can Count On

Electrical damages and problems are delicate issues that should be addressed with utmost alertness and a quick response. Also, to avoid further occurrence of the same or worse conditions, you need to find the best electrical repair New Orleans has to offer.

Look no further than Duthu Electric!

Our experts are equipped to handle any form of service and repair that your electrical systems require. Commercial, residential, industrial—we do it all. Damaged electrics are a serious danger. You don’t want to risk your family or your customers, and electrical repair is not a do-it-yourself job. Although there are a few DIY websites with great information, count on the team of well-trained experts at Duthu Electric to handle any electrical problem you have.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Need your home or business electrical serviced? We have licensed electricians with the knowledge to diagnose and service your electrical issues. A local electrical contractor you can rely on to service your electrical system.

Need electrical equipment repaired? Our experts are have years of experience repairing commercial and industrial electrical equipment. Don’t standby without electrical equipment not working when you can rely on us to get you back up and running.

Purchasing a house and need a safety inspection? Our licensed electricians can perform a safety inspection walk through on your home or business. We can perform remediation on any issues during the inspection to ensure a safe electrical environment.

Full Service Electrical Repair New Orleans

Duthu Electric handles every electrical repair New Orleans can throw at us. We are very fast in addressing issues, and it is always our pleasure to effectively discover all the electrical problems that your systems may develop. We aim beyond quick fixes to provide a lasting solution to every repair job.

Electrical repair in New Orleans isn’t always easy, but we are trained to do it all. This is because we understand how life-threatening electrical damages may be. And, if they aren’t urgently fixed, they can even wreak worse havoc on the whole building. Our repairs ensure that you are up to code and running smoothly. We do this because we want to ensure our customers can be assured of the safety of their home, lives, and property.

Emergency Electrical Repair New Orleans

We know that electrical repairs can’t always wait. Sometimes, you have a big event coming up. Sometimes, letting problems sit is just unsafe. For these emergencies and more, our team is ready to come to your home or place of business 24 hours a day. We are committed to keeping the people of New Orleans running, and our emergency electrical repair services are a testament to that.

Whether you’re a business owner or a regular everyday homeowner, you can count on Duthu Electric any time of day, any day of the week.

Electrical Safety Inspections

People do not often pay attention to their home’s electrical system to know if it needs servicing or inspection. The same can be said of businesses moving into a new location. If you don’t know much about the existing electrics, how can you know if they’re safe?

At Duthu Electric our team is trained to inspect the homes and businesses of the Big Easy in order to identify any repair needs. These include everything from faulty wiring to code violations. In essence, our team has the keen eye for electrical repair New Orleans needs to uncover problems you didn’t even know you had. So if you want to ensure that your family or clients are safe, and that you aren’t risking interruption of service, reach out today for a professional inspection.

What people say about us?

Having kids at home and electrical problems were not safe for my family. After talking with David, we did a walk through of all the problems. In no time, all of our issues were fixed and now we have a safe environment for our kids and everything works! Very friendly and easy to work with. Thank you Duthu Electric!

S. Thibeaux - Metairie, LA