Generator Services in New Orleans

Dont be without power ever again!

Let us install a new stand-by generator to ensure you are never without power again. Trust in us for a peace of mind!
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Generators New Orleans: Installation, Repairs, and More

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or commercial property manager—a loss of power should not put a halt to your day-to-day activity or comfort. That’s why Duthu Electric installs and services generators New Orleans residents can count on to keep the lights on, no matter what.

When storms strike or blackouts run rampant, you won’t need to worry if you have a professionally installed generator to back you up. We are a certified dealer and maintenance repair technician with Generac Power Systems. They are the #1 selling brand of home backup power generators. Call today to determine which size generator you need for your home or business.

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Let us install your new stand-by generator to keep the lights on, all the time. No more lights flickering during a storm or weather event. Trust in our  generator installation New Orleans customers rely on by licensed electricians certified by Generac for their brand generators.

Don’t let your stand-by generator fall behind on routine or preventative maintenance. Let our expert electricians and generator technicians maintain your generator by performing all schedule maintenance checks and service. We can put you on a regularly schedule maintenance schedule to avoid any trouble. Don’t wait until you need the generator to perform maintenance. Call today to schedule yours!

Generator not working? Let our knowledgeable electricians get you back up and running. We can perform generator service and repair on any brand generator for your home or business. Our electricians are certified in Generac generator repair New Orleans can trust!

Why Choose Duthu Electric?

New Orleans generator installation is not to be taken lightly. Your generator is like a safety net. It will keep the AC running, the lights on, and the kitchen appliances functional—even when the rest of the block is without power. A trapeze artist wouldn’t trust just anyone to tie their safety net, so why would you choose anyone but a professional when it comes to installing the generators New Orleans trusts to keep the power going.

Our team is licensed and trained for all manner of electrical installations and repairs. That means that we can inspect your house, your regular power usage, and other variables in order to determine the best type of generator for you. Not all models are created equally, and there is nothing worse than a do-it-yourself generator installation that doesn’t actually provide enough power once the blackout actually occurs.

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How Do Home Generators Work?

Generators New Orleans are wired and programmed in a way to ensure that as soon as there is a power outage or a power cut, the generator kicks on and supplies the home with power. Some generators are designed such that they can be activated by pressing a switch. The switch is flipped and then the generator becomes the main source of energy that powers the house until the main power comes back on. After power is restored, you could go back to the switch, flip it, and switch off the generator.

Other generators are designed to turn on and off automatically, so they will even function is you aren’t home. This is important, for example, to keep your refrigerator running. Trust in a new home backup generator New Orleans residents  can count on.

Installation and Repair for Any Generator New Orleans Needs

Our professionals do not just run to your home and install the generator without a proper inspection of the home and the appliances you use. Rather, our experts calculate the exact wattage that the building needs and we recommend the exact generator that is perfect for you. Whatever generators New Orleans needs, we can find the match for you.

And, if for any reason you need generator repairs or service, Duthu Electric has got your back. Our team can service any model that we install (and plenty of others too!). So know that when you choose us for generator installation, we are in it for the long haul. Get your long term relationship with Duthu Electric started today! Contact us to find the generator solution that your home or business can count on to keep the lights on.

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What people say about us?

Duthu Electric is amazing! Mr. David comes out on a normal schedule to maintain and service our whole home generator. They installed it a few years ago and it never fails when we need it. Worth every penny for a peace of mind with our family during a storm or electrical company problems.

S. Glorioso - New Orleans, LA